This is the office for migration and immigration and it is next to the ESN office. They mainly deal with full program students from abroad who plan to stay in Austria.

You can print your documents there, buy some books you may need for your classes, and you can also buy JKU fashion. It is also close to our office and very useful to get your school stuff.

Right next to ÖH-Shop, you can buy and sell used books from and to other students. A smart way to save some money.

The porter is located at the Kopfgebäude of the campus. In case you have lost something you can ask there if they have found it. Usually Austrian students are nice and will bring your stuff there in case it was found.

International Office
If you have questions regarding your studies here and want to see your coordinator, you can find them at 2nd floor of Bankengebäude. The international office is doing a great job making sure your stay here runs smoothly - they are always happy if you come by.