In case you decide you don’t want to sleep early at night, you will probably want to go out. One of the major advantages of JKU: There is always a place nearby where you can go for some drinks. ESN Linz has extensively tested all places nearby for you, and we have picked our favorites:

Dorm bars
Some of JKU’s dorms do have their own bars. The prices for drinks are very student-friendly. It is especially a good opportunity to meet Austrian students in their natural habitat and make new friends:

Wist Heimbar
The dorm bar of Wist is on the top floor of the building. To be able to enter at night you have to have a key, or wait until another person enters the dorm. On nearly every wednesday there are theme parties, but there is usually always something going. A well-organized team, a great location - this bar is highly recommended!
Check it out here:

KHG Kellerbar
Another dorm which is close to the university and has an own bar is KHG. It is close to the Management Zentrum (MZ), which you will get to know for sure because most language courses take place there. The bar is at the basement of the building. Each semester this dorm has some big parties, for sure you don’t want to miss them. You do not need a key for this dorm, because the front door is open almost the whole night. Watch out for special offers, this bar often creates small events where you can try special drinks for cheap prices.
Check it out here:

AHL Heimbar
The bar in this dorm is also in the basement. It is at the tram station St. Magdalena, so unfortunately it is a bit far away from campus. The bar is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Nearly every month there is a theme party which a lot of people attend, the other days can get quite crowded as well. Definitely worth the longer way to get there.


LUI - Linzer Uni Inn
The official bar of JKU is located at the basement of Mensa. In summer term, there is also a great bar outside near the pond (well… unfortunately, you are going to miss that one. Too bad). Our Stammtisch and some other parties will take place there, so you will definitely experience LUI’s cheap prizes and great party spirit. This bar is also a great hint for those who love watching soccer, because they broadcast almost every Champions league game. LUI is open from Monday-Friday during the semester.
Check it out here:

Only opened in late 2015, Teichwerk has established itself as a cool bar directly at our pond. It offers high-quality drinks, food and beverages, and regularly organizes events to attract different students. It is open 7 days a week, definitely worth checking out.
Check it out here:

Nearly every Thursday there is a big party on campus at the basement of Mensa building. It usually starts at 9 p.m. and the entrance fee is 4€. Those legendary parties are organized by different organizations of the university and are well known within Austria - often, people come to Linz especially to attend those events. There are always a lot of people, good music and cheap drinks. It is another good opportunity to get to know Austrians and a good way to start into the weekend. As most ESN members regularly go there, we highly recommend you to join those parties every Thursday - you are going to love them! ☺