As you are actually here for studying, you will also need to find some places to learn, eat, and organize yourself.  Just as a small hint - those are some places you should know:

Café and Canteen
Places where you can grab a coffee or a snack are the Ch@t Café at the main Kepler building, Sassi at the Bankgebäude or the Science Café at the Science Park. We also have a canteen where you can have breakfast and lunch for a good price. It is called Mensa, a lot of students are having their lunch there. ESN members are also coming here regularly, as our voluntary work keeps us too busy to cook most of the time ;-).

JKU has two main libraries that you can use to study. The Hauptbibliothek (main library) is located between Mensa and Keplergebäude (main building), it is easy to find. Here you can find computers, printers and borrow many books for free - the perfect place to spend your semester in Linz! A hint for those who like studying late: Jus-Bibliothek (library of the law faculty) has usually open until midnight during the week. A good place to be if you are late with your studies and seriously need to catch up.