Basically we are a group of approx. 25 students who like speaking different languages, travelling around the world and getting to know people from different cultures. That's why we are all active members of the Erasmus Student Network – on a voluntarily basis.

Throughout the semester, we have planned many things for you (trips, parties and much more) to make your time here as great as possible. But we are not just here to organize events - we will also help you if you experience any difficulties. Feel free to ask us any kinds of questions, we are here to help you. Our office hours are Monday-Wednesday from 1pm-3pm, don’t be a stranger and come by.

In a nutshell, ESN Linz is divided into seven different departments; each one has specific tasks to complete in order to make your stay here as great as possible. Each department consists of one person in charge; everybody else works in those respective teams in order to guarantee to make your time as great as possible.