Climate & Geography
Austria is located truly in the center of Europe. The Alps are covering the southern part and therefore not only affect our famous landscape, but also the climate. Beware of Austrian winter - it is usually cold and, depending on your location, you can also expect a lot of snow. The summer is usually quite warm; the many lakes throughout the country can be used for a relaxing bath.

Austria currently has ~ 8.5 million inhabitants, ~1.8 million of them live in our capital Vienna. Around 1.7 million people who live in Austria are not natives, but have moved here from abroad. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of those foreigners are Germans. Other major countries represented within the Austrian population are Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Austrian cuisine
The cuisine in Austria is influenced to a high degree from our neighbor countries. Meals are usually not spicy but very tasty (especially if you like meat) – you should definitely try all of them. Our most famous dishes include Wiener Schnitzel (traditionally a veal escalope), Kaiserschmarrn, Germknödel (the sweet favorites for many international guests) or Leberkäse (which directly translates as liver cheese – don’t worry, it is a kind of meatloaf).