Public Transportation  

The easiest way to get around Linz is by public transportation. You can either buy a monthly ticket (€10 for 31 days) or a ticket for the whole semester (€ 50). You can purchase both at the LINZ AG office at Hauptplatz or at most of the ticket vending machines at the tram stations.

AST – Taxi

The AST is a service provided by LINZ AG LINIEN and the CC Taxiservice GmbH. A taxi service with a fixed travel schedule that you share with other guests and which brings you quickly and cost-effectively to your desired destination. You can recognise your Dial-a-shared-taxi clearly from the AST label visible.

AST-Taxi Tel.   0732/3400-7000



In case it is too late to take the tram or the buses, and you don’t want to be dependant on the AST Taxi, you can always call one of the following Taxi numbers.

Taxi 6969          (0732) 6969

Taxi 2244          (0732) 2244



The Pöstlingberg is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. You can either reach the hill’s peak by walking or by taking the Pöstlingberg tram starting at Hauptplatz.


Single ticket         Return ticket

Adults: €3,60       Adults: €6,00



If you are planning on traveling through Austria and Europe by train, it is highly recommendable to purchase the ÖBB Vorteilskarte Jugend (below the age of 26) as you save

  • 50 % discount on ÖBB standard single tickets at the ÖBB ticket vending machine, at ÖBB-Ticketshop and via ÖBB-Ticket App.
  • 45 % discount on ÖBB standard single tickets at ÖBB ticket counters and travel agencies at the train station
  • 25 % discount on international cross-boarder rail travel with RAILPLUS


As it costs 20€ per year, you will already save money with your first trip to Vienna (ca. € 30 one way). With ÖBB you are able to access the airport in Vienna directly - a really nice way to catch your flights ;-)



This is the alternative railway company to the ÖBB. The prices are cheaper compared to the ÖBB prices (without Vorteilscard).  Nevertheless, the Westbahn only operates in the West of Austria (between Vienna and Salzburg).


Longdistance Buses

A cheap way to travel to Austria’s neighbouring countries is to go by bus. Small hint: Munich and Prague are very cheap to access from Linz by bus ;-)


Useful Apps

  Nextstop Linz
  Displays the waiting time and plans your routes through Linz

  Pocket Guide Linz
  See the Old Town and new venues in this charming City of Culture.

  ÖBB Scotty
  This is the app for all train schedules.

  ÖBB Tickets
  The official ÖBB app for purchasing tickets.