In Austria, the official language is German. We know, it is a difficult language to learn, so as a start, we will provide you with some useful phrases. But we have to warn you already: You will not be able to understand Austrians right from the beginning – schedule some time for yourself to get used to our strange dialect.


English German 'Austrian German'
Hello Hallo Servus
Bye Tschüss Servus
Thank you Danke Danke
Sorry Entschuldigung T'schuldige
No problem. Kein Problem. Bast scho.
How are you? Wie geht es dir? Wie geht's da?
I am fine, thank you. Mir geht es gut, danke. Eh guat, danke.
One large beer, please. Ein großes Bier, bitte. A Hoibe, bitte.
How can I get to university? Wie komme ich denn zur Universität? Wie kum i denn zur Uni?
Where is the library? Wo ist denn die Bibliothek? Wo isn de Bib?
You are really pretty. Du bist sehr hübsch. Du bist echt fesch.
Would you like to kiss me? Willst du mich küssen? Magst schmusen?