As everybody of you will be taking German classes (at least in February before your semester starts), tandem learning can be a great opportunity for you to enhance and create a fundamental knowledge in German or any other language. Tandem learning is a kind of buddy-buddy system for local students and students from abroad to exchange language and cultural experiences (e.g.: German-English, German-Chinese, …). We will form groups out of local and international students; within these groups you can arrange meetings on your own to improve language skills, enjoy your time and of course have fun together.

Usually the effective amount of group members is between 2 to 4 students with at least one native speaker of each language. Further information and the application form will be provided through an email, so you can sign up for it. The Kick Off meeting for forming the tandem groups will take place at the 29th of March – save the date, we are looking forward to seeing you there!

29/03/2017 - 17:00
  • Everyone is invited.